Teeth Whitening

If there is one downside to red wine, it’s stained your teeth– that Brown & grey coating that is a dead giveaway you’ve had one too many. Other dark beverages, like coffee and grape juice can stain teeth too, but none do it quite as dramatically as wine.

Our lifestyle has a way of dulling those pearly white teeth. Generally teeth have a way of becoming darker over time, surprisingly even if you have brightened your teeth before. Recent technological developments in professional teeth whitening techniques can help your teeth become whiter, in 20 minutes.

Single Smile Treatment
This treatment includes a 20 minute treatment to remove staining and yellowness of the teeth. Our advanced whitening gels and cool blue LED lights are used to give to a refreshed brighter smile

Double Smile Treatment
This includes a 40 minute treatment to give your smile even more brightness and superb results with all the procedures followed in single smile treatment with cool blue led light

Home maintenance and daily touch-up kits are also available for regular use.