Our body care and body treatments help you to rewind and relax in a calm and peaceful environment. Body care includes Massages, body wraps, dead sea salt scrubs. Relaxation body treatment is having the ability to detect muscle tension, Blocked energy, in its many forms, layers and channels from the individual body.

Ayurvedic Acu Therapy
Ayurvedicacu therapy is the mixer of acupressure, massage and acupuncture points. This therapy is an integrated approach to stimulation of specific points of meridians to balance the life-force energy in your body, without using any needles on your body. All this procedures are convenient, simple and effective. This treatment is excellent for your – Neck, Shoulder, Back, Sciatica, Arthritis, headaches & migraines, stress & many more. Read More Detail & Price….
Ayurvedic Hot Stone Therapy (60 Min) $100
(45 Min) $85
Relaxation Body Treatment (60 Min) $55
Indian Acu Head Massage (40 Min) $40
Reflexology Treatment (60 Min) $60
(40 Min) $42
(30 Min) $38
Ion Foot Spa (40 Min) $42
Aromatherapy Body Treatment (60 Min) $80
Hot Stone Therapy (60 Min) $100